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Tile Like A Professional!

Tiling can be a frustrating and time-consuming profession at times, and when a customer expects a job well done, they won’t accept mistakes or a sub-standard finish.
Mustang & Pony tile levelling systems, are a fantastic range of products that can achieve consistent results in less time than conventional tiling methods and can produce perfectly level tiled surfaces with no lippage or raised edges . . . Welcome to the new innovation of tile levelling systems.

A System That Works

Tiling with the Mustang & Pony tile levelling system, offers the flexibility of levelling tiles between 3mm and 30mm in depth. Choose from 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 5mm spacer width options to produce the perfect finish for your tiling project.
The tough durable PVC bases have been specifically designed to withstand the torque pressure of the handy wedge tool. This ensures there are no unnecessary breakages at the point of installation which can be both timely and costly. Re-usable universal wedges also ensure the system is cost effective making Mustang & Pony one of the the most reliable tile levelling solutions available.

Easy Area Coverage

The systematic method of using Mustang & Pony bases, in combination with their applicator wedges allows the installer to cover large floor or wall areas in very little time. Once installed, the fitting tool is used across all areas to apply the correct amount of pressure required to create a perfectly level tiled surface.
Once the tile adhesive has dried, it’s easy to remove the wedges and base clip extensions, either by snapping them off by hand or simply kicking them out with your feet.

3 Systems 1 Result

Mustang and Pony tile  levelling systems have been specifically designed to assist in a variety of tiling applications. The Pony system is better for small format and plank shaped tiles and the Mustang system is geared towards medium to large format tile dimensions of 450mm x 450mm and above.
The NEW Mustang +Plus system has recently been introduced as a solution due to the increasing demand for a tile levelling system that can be used with outdoor / external porcelain tiles and stone materials of between 20mm to 30mm in depth.