Mustang Starter Kit

£57.40 ex VAT

The Mustang tile levelling system makes it possible to fit tiles from 3 to 20mm thickness.

Kit contains 100 bases (2mm), 100 wedges and 1 tool.

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The Mustang Tile Levelling System has many advantages compared to other branded systems on the market such as:-

Our bases are available in 1,2 & 3mm

Our bases allow adhesive to penetrate providing extra adhesion to the tiles

You only need to buy one base for all thickness’s of tiles from¬†3-20mm

The Wedges are made of high quality PVC are re-usable and also have a greater surface area to get the best results

Designed to be used on commercial large format tiles and standard wall tiles

Speeds up the tiler’s time and is a must have product

The Mustang Starter Kit contains 100 bases (2mm), 100 wedges and 1 tool


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