Pony Base Clips

Work best with 3mm to 14mm thick tiles

Pony base clips are designed to be used with small format or plank tiles between 3mm – 16mm thickness. They are the smallest clips in the Mustang & Pony range and are available in three spacer size options of 1mm, 2mm and 3mm widths which allows for even joint grouting where tiles of different variances are to be installed. These spacer options accommodate the placement of tiles and help to maintain straight grout lines as well as eliminate the requirement for using additional spacers. Perfect for kitchen wall tiles, splashback feature tiles and wood effect plank style floor tiles. The pony tile levelling system produces a precise level finish every time.

Pony Wedges

Designed for small format tiles

Pony wedges are sturdy, re-useable and perfectly designed to work with their accompanying base clips. The uniquely formed ridges that run along the top side of the wedge are designed to allow for height adjustment when using the handy Pony levelling tool. Once the correct amount of pressure has been applied to the wedge, the base clip will be firmly locked in place and ensures that the adjacent tile will have no edges or visible lippage.

Pony Tool

Precision application tool

The Pony applicator is a handy time saving tool that allows the user to quickly apply the exact amount of pressure when inserting a wedge into the relevant base clip. Applying pressure with the tool is quick and easy but also provides a good indication to where the resistance point is before any clip breakages occur. Using the Pony tool makes lip free tiling effortless, stress free and is a great addition to the Pony range.

Pony Starter Kits

Perfect for small installations or home application

The Pony starter kits are extremely useful for small installation areas where only a certain number of base clips and spacers are required. These handy tubs contain 100 x Pony base clips (1mm, 2mm or 3mm), 100 x Pony wedges and 1 x Pony precision application tool. Great for casual DIY home tiling jobs or smaller tiling projects to ensure you get a precise level tile finish every time. To see how many base clips and wedges you will need for your next tiling project use our helpful clip and wedge area calculator > > > GO HERE